Welcome to Loongido Intergrated Community Program.

About Us


Longido District is one of pastoral districts in Tanzania, formerly part of the Monduli District in 2005.  Longido is a pastoralist area mainly occupied by the Maasai Community.  The Maasai came to the area about 5 centuries ago from the north, crossing through Kenya and settling in the area where there were natural water springs, flowing rivers and a lot of grass for pasture.  However, during drought periods, they migrated to a variety of areas in search of pasture for their livestock.

The present Longido village settlement goes back to the 18th century when German missionaries came to the area and built a Lutheran Church at the foot of Mount Longido.  The Lutheran church constructed and established a primary school followed by a small town settlement….

Projects and Activities

Currently, LOOCIP’s priority areas are Advocacy & Gender, Education Development, Health, and Sustainable Livelihoods.  LOOCIP has mobilized resources for and is currently implementing the following projects:


Advocacy & Gender

Child-Mother Support Project. This is a cross-cutting project covering the areas of health, advocacy, and education. It seeks to improve girls’ access to education, especially providing support to and advocating for school-enrolled Maasai girls who face unplanned pregnancies.


Education Development

(a) Longido Early Childhood Education (LECHE). LOOCIP has started 2 early childhood education classrooms in Imparankati, Ngoswak, Ewuas namanaa, Loondolwo, Endirima and Enkatani sub-villages.



(a) Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Conservation. LOOCIP from March to December 2009 has worked with Africa Wildlife Foundation on HIV/AIDs intervention among the designated communities with ILRAMAT Project by conducting research, implement social mobilization initiatives,

Leadership and management structure

LOOCIP is overseen by Advisory Board which comprises 9 to 11 members of which 1/3rd are women. The Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on a quarterly basis.  The Board is in charge of policy formulation and oversight of the organization vision, mission and program goals.

2023 International Women's Day

We celebrated international womens day together with indigenous women of Kenya.We learnt more on digital inclusivity,technology innovations and ways to end online-based gender based violence.